Will it have a new member? The group prepares a new song for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

 Will it have a new member?  The group prepares a new song for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

According to his possible appearance at the opening of the World Cup qatar of 2022 announced by the FIFAthe band of k pop returns with everything, to dazzle the public with a whole show, thus being prepared with a new version of his song “Yet To Come” for his campaign with hyundaiconsidered as the ambassadors of the official brand in Korea, leaving us a surprise.

Being protagonists of several prestigious brands worldwide, the members have participated in songs to promote the sport, in this a song that had a lot to do with it was the collaboration with the Coca-Cola brand, represented a world icon, as in his unofficial collaboration with his song “Dynamite” that was performed during the European Championship.

However, although their participation in sports is not of great magnitude, the artists were specially selected for this presentation in anticipation of their new theme, with certain rumors as a surprise to the members, since the Korean ambassador in the Arab country extended his interest to invite the band, with which he counted as his main sponsors of his song with Hyundai.

Also counting on the search for a new member for the group of btsin the “Goal of the Century” campaign about his new version of “Yet to come”, with the intention of transmitting a very special message to his fans, which will premiere on September 23, having a new music video, leaving to the ARMY join the challenge so that a lucky person is chosen as the 12th member of the team along with 11 other people, who make up Hyundai’s “Team of the Century”.