you will have to pay to watch some videos

tiktok series

TikTok just introduced a new exclusive service for eligible creators through which you will have to pay for some content on the platform, since they will be able to create premium content for their fans. If you are interested in any of the blocked videos, you will have to pay for them, but not for the others.

They are already testing TikTok Series

TikTok Series is the new feature of the social network for eligible creators who will be able to offer Content Collections, which will be blocked so that you can only access them by paying. They will be available for a limited time and TikTok will not receive part of the profits, but its creators will receive all the money, although always subtracting the app store taxes.

tiktok series

Collections can include up to 80 videos, each of which can last a maximum of 20 minutes. Of course, they must comply with the community rules. If you are interested in a video of this type, you will have to pay to access it for a limited time. It occurs to us that it may be interesting for certain videos that are of great interest, a course or class of something, or in many high-quality content. Even series, documentaries or whatever comes to mind for content creators on TikTok.

It’s a new way to build stronger relationships between creators and viewers while also allowing us to find a new way to support creators. we do not know the content price because it is the creators themselves who decide, taking into account what they want to win, but also making it attractive enough to motivate purchase. We also don’t know yet how much is the limited time where you can watch the videos.

In any case, if you come across one and you are interested in its price for what it offers you, you can continue with the purchase from the creator’s profile or a link in the video.

It could reach all creators in months

This new movement that brings it closer to Netflix when it comes to offering paid content and longer duration is the platform’s response to the concerns of its creators regarding the income they receive. Now they can get additional income while you will be able to access better content for an amount of money that we hope will not be very high. In any case, you decide at all times.

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For now, this new feature is available to select creators with the intention of going much further. in coming months. Appreciating that they are in the early stages, they are willing to listen to the community, so it might change slightly when fully implemented.

How about? Do you think that you will end up paying at some point to see any of the content that is promoted on TikTok or do you think that the platform has made a risky bet with this new way of earning extra money?