You will not want another dryer after trying Xiaomi’s for € 29

xiaomi ionic hair dryer

There are many dryers, and there are also too many brands on the market. But standing out above the rest is not an easy task, right? Well, in something as simple as a dryer may seem at first, there are determining details, like the one that today we bring here from Xiaomiwhich, for about 30 euros, is one of the best purchase options that we can recommend today.

We speak of no other dryer than the My Ionic Hairdryer, which dries quickly and prevents moisture loss to protect hair. Come on, it includes the most revolutionary technologies in a dryer and enough power to be one of the top of the range, without having to spend a fortune. Let’s see with all that counts!

But first, as always, we leave you a link quickly so you can take a look at it on the official Xiaomi purchase page, with all its guarantee.

A hair dryer that hydrates

And it seems incredible, but yes, it is a hair dryer that moisturizes. As the brand explains, water ions penetrate deep into the hair for the longest lasting protection and soft shine. Here is a guide on how to buy a good ionic dryer.

Among other options, this Xiaomi dryer is capable of neutralizing static electricity, hydrate in depth the hair and improve shine. In front of you is the key to shiny and healthy hair, but that’s not all!

xiaomi ionic hair dryer

This dryer features the latest integrated condensing needle technology that condenses moisture in the air and atomizes it into tiny negatively charged water ions that are emitted from the nozzle. It will always keep the root of your leather healthy and it also eliminates static electricity, so that’s all pluses!

But best of all is the power of its propellers and its engine. It ensures power delivery even over long distances: we are talking about 20,000 fan rpm with intelligent temperature control with function of cycles of hot and cold air.

As you have seen, it is much more than a simple dryer, in order to protect your hair and the root at all times. In addition, it does not make any noise either, it is ultra quiet, with the fastest air flow and thermostat included. It also has overheating protectionjust in case.

You should know, as a last detail, that the mouthpiece is totally magnetic with 360º rotation to avoid burns. More facilities, impossible!

And now, this Xiaomi with a great offer

Indeed, now comes the part that might interest you the most: the price. How much could you do with it? Well, he usually has a price of 39.99 euros, but on the official Xiaomi website you can get a price that knocks down the competition. only 29.99 euros for a limited time!

So now you know everything about this hair dryer that will come in handy from now on. Well now we leave you your purchase link.